Google Adsense Class Action Lawsuit

After speaking with legal counsel today and explaining the massive problems I have discovered within the Google Adsense Program, and the almost hopeless dilemma its publishers have been experiencing, I decided to request counsel pursue a legal remedy in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California.

I explained to counsel that the Google Adsense program is built upon a cloaked veil of deceptive, unscrupulous business practices and its employees exhibit an almost illegal, dishonest and fraudulent behavior when leveling its own form of justice against their advertising publishers. This is mainly done by withholding payment and terminating publisher accounts without so much of even a morsel of evidence of wrongdoing. Instead, the Google Adsense Team is known to issue these supposed one size fits all boilerplate email termination statements which banish a user for “posing a significant risk to the AdWords advertisers” or “your account poses a risk of generating invalid activity,” both of which completely lack any substance and would fail to meet even the most flimsiest preponderance of the evidence standards in the most lopsided of corporation friendly courtrooms. Not to mention, the appellate process appears to be decided before hand and publishers complain of an inadequate patchwork response system, which appears to only issue responses in the rarest instances.

After a lengthy nine-month investigation, which was conducted by a team of well trained investigators, I have been provided with the findings and have since contacted over 150 publishers who received termination email letters similar to those which are quoted above. While Google’s position may be that all of these accounts were terminated as a result of a violation of their terms of service, we actually have evidence to the contrary.

The suit will allege that in the vast majority of cases which we reviewed Google has mislead and defrauded publishers by deliberately terminating accounts and withholding earnings based upon a speculative assertion that the accounts posed a risk of generating invalid activity, without any foundation to support this conclusion whatsoever.

I have also requested that counsel seek assistance from the Federal Trade Commission, Federal Securities & Exchange Commission, United States Attorney General, and the California Attorney General in hopes that they will be contacted and asked to investigate a number of the alleged complaints which will be detailed in the law suit.

If you have participated in Google’s AdSense Program between the dates of July 2004 and August 2011, you could possibly be able to join in this class action suit. However, I would also like to point out that this lawsuit is not intended for those that have blatantly attempted to defraud Google Adsense with invalid clicks or other schemes. Rather, this action has been taken to hold Google accountable for their own brand of self-administered justice which reeks with both dishonesty and incompetence

While I do not have all of the information that I would like at this time, I will post more about it as soon as I am provided with the major details regarding how to participate in the class action lawsuit, if you meet the criteria discussed above. Until then I suggest you either contact your own attorney if you believe that you may qualify to be a participant so that when it is time to join you can be ready. Please bookmark this page and check back soon for future updates.

Jason Timmons

You many contact me by leaving a comment below if you believe you may have further information that could help in this matter.